Brief Power Outage For North Coast PG&E Customers Friday Night

About 2500 PG&E customers in San Luis Obispo County’s North Coast could be without power Friday night. Officials say a planned outage is part of a large, scheduled repair job on a 70,000-volt transmission line that feeds the distribution system for Cambria and Cayucos. Residents can expect the outage to take place between 10 and 10:30 Friday night. Officials say it should only last between five and 15 minutes.

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  1. Mark Mesesan, PG&E Communications Representative

    Actually, we anticipate this particular outage in the Cambria area only will be momentary – completed in the span of seconds. Naturally, issues can occur, which is why we want our customers to be prepared for an outage that might be longer – five-to-15 minutes – but we do not expect that to happen. The work we are doing on this equipment has been going on with no impact to our customers since last Sunday, and this return to regular electrical distribution service only will involve a brief load switch. Again, it should only be momentary. This will not be a Public Safety Power Shutoff. Safety is our most important responsibility, and this wildfire prevention work is being done in order to enhance the safety and reliability of our electrical system for our valued customers.


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