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Celebrities Join Protests

January 23rd, 2017

A long list of celebrities joined the crowds at the Women’s March on Washington and its “sister marches” across the country over the weekend. “A platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday,” proclaimed America Ferrera, “but the president is not America. We are America and we are here to stay.” Ashley Judd, quoting a poem written by 19-year-old Nina Donovan said that women “ain’t for grabbing," but instead "are for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, nasty, proud, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, you name it, for new generations of nasty women." Chelsea Handler and Mary McCormack led a march at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah joined by Charlize Theron, John Legend and others, while Lin-Manuel Miranda took part in a protest in London and Miley Cyrus appeared in L.A.

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