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Official Specs For Presidents Wall

March 20th, 2017

We now have an idea of what President Trump's wall is going to look like after US Customs and Border Protection released two requests for prototypes Friday night. They are asking contractors to mock-up one of two types of walls: a solid concrete wall or a wall with a "see-through component."

The government wants the wall to be 30-feet tall (thought it would settle for 18). It must be impossible to climb without a ladder or tunnel underneath up to 6 feet below ground. It also must stand up to attacks from sledgehammers, pick axes, torches, and other tools for at least 30 minutes (though four hours would be better).

The requests also say the wall must be "aesthetically pleasing," at least on the side that faces the US.

More than 400 companies have expressed interest in building Trump's wall. The deadline for proposals is March 29.

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