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Woods Pet Of The Week - Mac

July 14th, 2017

The name is Mac and I'm currently on the market for a family of my very own! I'm one fairly large fella who turns into a complete marshmallow when I'm being shown attention by people. You see, there's a chance that I'm deaf so I pick up on cues from people, or at least I'm learning too! It makes me that much more unique! In my kennel, I'm a fairly quiet boy who will just look at you with my best "puppy eyes" in hopes that by me acting cool, calm, and collected you will choose me to hang out with! That's when I got you right where I want you! Once we meet, I'm a total butterball. I'll stare lovingly into your eyes, sneak in some kisses, and wag my tail in excitement that you chose me to spend time with! I become quite playful when people and/or a toy gets involved! I love toys and I become quite the clown when I start engaging in play with people. It will be sure to make you laugh hysterically! I'm a lovable boy, who is in tip-top shape and one very happy-go lucky lad when I get outside! I love nothing more than getting outside and stretching my legs on a walk. I'll be more than happy to join you on long walks, runs, and hikes! It's a good way for me to really get physically stimulated, which I so desperately desire! I'm a great dog with great potential to be the best dog for you with your love and guidance! So, could I be the stud muffin for you?

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